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Delicious Hunters Choice

Our unique blend of ingredients makes a delicious tasting marinade. Marinade your favorite domestic or wild game meat to create a delectible dish. Served with any side dishes to impress family or friends. Check out our recipes page for some great ideas..

Award Winning!

2009 Hot Pepper Award LogoOur Spicy Hunters Choice Marinade placed in the Soy Sauce Based Marinade division of the 2009 Hot Pepper Awards.



We like to showcase our products at cookout events. Here are photos from a recent event where J.P. and Lee cooked Pheasant, Duck and Chukar.

J.P. grilling at Rice Creek Hunting Dog Club's Spaniel hunt .
J.P. and Lee at Rice Creek. They cook duck, pheasant and chukar.
This has become an annual event and a highlight of the dog training year.

Love Slow Cooking? Try it with Pheasant.
Our seasonings now include a delicious blend to enhance Pheasant in mushroom goodness!

Slow Cook Supreme Pheasant
pheasant seasonings

Try our Waterfowl and Venison Slow Cook Seasonings!
Venison Slow Cook Seasonings Venison Slow Cook Seasonings

Advantages of Hunters Choice Marinade

  • A wide variety of meats can be used - duck, goose, pheasant, venison, salmon, beef, pork, chicken, etc. We have yet to find one we haven't liked
  • Children love food prepared with Hunters Choice Marinade
  • People who may not normally enjoy wild game will be asking for seconds
  • Leftovers are as delicious as hot off the grill

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