The Story


"Tried the Slow Cook Waterfowl on a Sandhill Crane. Very tasty! Thank you for the great product.."
- Aanders Weltz, Bismarck

I made pheasant jerky using Spicy and Original Hunters Choice marinade. Marinaded  pheasant breasts that were cut about 3/8” thick  for 48 hrs and then put them in a dehydrator, both flavors  were great!!
– Mike Hill

"I brought along a bottle of Hunter's Choice marinade on our annual trip to Saskatchewan. I marinated some Specklebellys' overnight, wrapped them in bacon, and threw them on the grill for lunch the following day. I can see why they call it the rib eye of the sky! Thanks for such a great product."
– Chris Hustad,

"I purchased several bottles of your marinade and have to say I think it is delicious. I recommend it to all my friends. Thank you for coming out with such a tasty marinade for all kinds of game." - J.Heaslip

Every fall prior to taking our deer to get processed (mainly into summer sausage), we remove the back straps and heart and fix them one evening without ever freezing them. This year--'06--I decided to try something a bit different and, after thoroughly cleaning and cutting the heart into strips, I marinated it for about five (5) hours in "Original Hunter's Choice Marinade." The results were excellent.
It was absolutely delicious, and I am certain that only a vegetarian would disagree. I will continue to use Hunter's Choice as my marinade of choice.
Ken Bauer, Barnesville, MN

"J. P., I just ate the best meatloaf I have ever tasted. It was the recipe from your Website. It was absolutely delicious! Thanks old Buddy for the advice."
- S/F Bascombe

"Just to let you know, I grilled the pheasant like you said, and it worked to perfection, it was the best pheasant I have ever tasted!! Next step will be to try it on duck and goose, I still have a couple left. Thanks and good luck."
- Matt

"Now with HUNTERS CHOICE our whole family is asking when we can cook some wild game again. Nothing is left over between seasons and I know what ever I am lucky enough to harvest in the fall will be eaten before the next season." - J.G. @ MN

"Tried some Hunters Choice on steaks, was great." - D.G. @ ND

"Used Hunters Choice marinade on some duck, made kabobs with tomatoes & peppers was fantastic, no left overs." - L.E. @ ND

"Used Hunters Choice on venison back strap - sliced into 3/8" thick slices, and grilled good!" - L.E. @ ND