The Story

The Story

This is simple little story about two avid hunters, who decided to increase the level of proficiency of their bird dogs. They decided to join up with a group of other hunters and train their dogs for field competitions. In doing all this training and competition, it became quite apparent, the training group needed to utilize the large quantities of game birds that had been harvested.

The most logical answer was to have a cook out. The ladies in the group, and there are quite a few, said, “We don’t like wild game, especially duck, can’t we just fry some burgers?” The solution, a marinade with a unique blend of spices that turned the wild game into the most popular item at the cookout, was born.

Yes, even our skeptical ladies raved about the flavor and palatability of the wild game. The two avid hunters, one a retired chef and the other an amateur chef, have held on to the secret all these years and finally decided to bring their creation to the public. The reason the decision was reached; we got tired of always telling friends “No, we will not give you the recipe.”

Today, we sell you our variety of marinades and seasonings. We hope you enjoy them and some of our favorite recipes.

- J.P. and Lee